Thursday, May 15, 2014

Cheznie is 2 Years Old!




March 2014

My little girl turned 2!!!

March 25th
We are having a baby!!
I was supposed o be induced at 11:00am but on my way down to the hospital I got a phone call telling me that my Dr. had to go to a funeral for his grandmother so to come in at 1:00pm. We had time to kill so we went to eat lunch and wait for my family to come to take Cheznie.
We finally got to the hospital, checked in, and hooked up to the monitors. They started me on pitocin, but for some reason the nurse started me out at a level 4 and that instantly sent me into labor.  A nurse came rushing in and jammed a shot into my arm! It stung so bad. I swear this was as bad as the epidural. After all was said and done my arm still hurt for days! The reason for the shot was they thought that the placenta would tear away from the wall and cause sever problems. Because of the shot to stop my stopped my labor and sent us back a few hours.
After a few hours I was ready for my epidural and I was hoping for a better take than my last one. Lets just say it was about the same. They would move me from side to side because half of my body would come un-numb. I would get nausea every time. Good thing they have those nice little cups to throw up in! By the time it was time to push I was so paralyzed I could not feel a thing. I would look at my legs and know that it was my legs but I could not feel a thing. When they told me to push I felt like I was just making funny faces because I could not feel a thing. When I laughed or coughed I would push better. Hahaha. Okay lets go back ....when I finally got to a 5 my nurse said she would be back in an hour to check on me. Within 15 min my contractions were coming pretty fast so Stephanie went to get the nurse to come check me. Yep I was a 10. She wanted me to push to see when to call the Dr. I pushed and she hurry and shut my legs and told me to put them together and she was going to call the Dr. right then. She joked and said that she has delivered way to many babies and she was not doing that tonight! While we were waiting for the Dr. to get there we had several people coming in an out of the room bring in the thing needed to deliver the baby. The Dr. was there in only a few min. and he had me start pushing. Olin and the nurse had to hold my legs 'cause I could not feel them. I gave one push and and the doctor told me to stop. My sisters said I see her, and she has a lot of hair. I asked if I should push again and everyone in the room all said she is already here! She just slid right out! The doctor put Kennedy on my lap...She was here!!! Olin dropped my leg to see the baby and because I could not feel my leg it just fell and got all tangled up in the stirrups. The Doctor told Olin "hey you might want to pick that leg back up" we all giggled and he put it back up. My labor was was way better this time around. It was only 7 hours from when they broke my water not 18.  I had no tearing and I just felt better all the way around.
Kennedy was born March 25th at 11:04pm. She was 7 pounds 6 ounces and 19.5 inches.

           Cheznie meeting her sister for the first time. She was a little nervous
                                                 Chez feeding her baby
Kennedy has so much hair!!
People would stop when she was in the nursery to look at all of her pretty blond hair!!
We had a lot of visitors we only got a picture of a few of them.

                                                Getting ready to go home

                                             The first few days at home


A Year

The last time I blogged was over a year ago!! Don't be mad I have a really good excuse. I got pregnant and had a baby!! As most of you know when I am pregnant I am way sick! This time around was no different. I was sick from day 1. I will just post the few pictures that I took during this crazy time in my life and I hope to do better going into the summer!

                                                       Tree House Museum


                                                  Camping in Beaver